FABRICE Muamba is “fearless” after his miraculous rec- overy from the brink of death, the Whites star says.

The 24-year-old Wan- derers player’s heart stopped for 78 minutes after he suffered a car- diac arrest on the pitch in the game against Tottenham at White Hart Lane in March.

He spent a month in hospital but now hopes he will be able to return to playing foot- ball.

He said: “I died, liter- ally. I am alive. There is nothing now to be in fear of.”

Muamba is defying doctors’ predictions as he was expected to suf- fer significant brain damage.

But he said he still had after effects of his brush with death.

He said: “I’ve still got a long way to go with my memory and it frustrates me.

“Obviously my brain isnotasitusedtobe because there are things missing.

“My memory is liter- ally all over the place.

“I will talk to Shau- na, (his partner) ask her about someone. Five minutes later I’ll ask the same ques- tion.”

Muamba has been saddened by the deaths of two sports- men since his collapse — Livorno player Pier- mario Morosini, who collapsed on the pitch, and Norwegian swim- mer Alexander Dale Oen. He said: “Three times in sports in the last few months? Unbelievable.

“There has to be a way of stopping this.

“Morosini in Italy, that shocked me big time. I watched it on YouTube. It was mind- blowing. I said to myself, ‘This was me not so long ago’.”

Medics who worked on Muamba after his collapse at Tottenham were said to have been stopped twice from giving up on the player by Jonathan Tobin, Bolton’s club doctor.

Shauna said: “It was only the personal rela- tionship between Dr Tobin and Fabrice that kept them going. Dr Tobin told me that.

“They thought about stopping twice. Dr Tobin said, ‘No, let's try again’.

And they kept on try- ing until they saved his life.”