A PROJECT saw young football-crazy members of the Bangladeshi community in Bradford get kitted out following a donation from a parachute regiment.

A youth day was held at Bangladesh Educational Achievement Project (BEAP) Community Partnership at its base in Cornwall Road, near Valley Parade.

The new partnership was devised by members of the 4th Battalion the Parachute Regiment, based at Thornbury Barracks in Bradford Road, Stanningley.

The project aims to try to unite the different cultures in Bradford.

Children from the Bangladeshi community, particularly from the centre’s under 12 and 14s teams, were presented with new football strips, which had Bangla Bantams written on the front of each shirt.

The youngsters will now wear the strips for each match they play.

Sergeant Major Ronnie Dunn, who has played a part in organising the project, said the scheme is about uniting the community of Bradford.

He said: “The key message of this event is about working together, it’s nothing to do with recruitment.

“It’s about community cohesion and being proud to be British.

“The Army has bought all the kit for the children so they have something new to wear when they are playing sport so they look smart and professional.

“We just want to get our main message across everyone should be proud to be British or Bangladeshi.

“There have been recent reports about communities being segregated but we want to show that Bradford is harmonised and different cultures can all get along.

“We are one people, we are one community.”

Representatives at the event from the Army included the Commander of the 4th Battalion Infantry Brigade, the Colonel and the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Parachute Regiment.

The event, which was held on Saturday, saw Bangladeshi children attend, along with community leaders and the local imam.

Humayun Islam, chairman of Bangla Bantams, who coaches the children at the football sessions, said: “I feel really proud of the children.

“It’s an amazing gesture and I’m really proud of the children and the army being here.

“This is about showing that the Bangladeshi community are proud of being British and proud to be from Bradford.”