Paul Chowdhry has built up a loyal following with what he calls “stand-up comedy in its purest form”. But more than that, he has made audiences around the world chuckle – and pause for thought – with his observational humour that challenges taboo subjects; breaking down barriers with laughter.

This weekend Paul launces JONGLEURS Comedy Club at Oceana in Watford. His act looks at the funny side of issues such as miscommunication, generation gaps, terrorism, everyday racism and ignorance.

“I find real people the most interesting,” he says. “Characters I create come from real people I encounter. People you can just watch doing the simplest of things in an unusual manner.”

Each show on the tour, Paul adds, is different. “Every single tour date will include new material and unscripted improvisation that become a part of the show and can dictate the direction of the material,” he says. “I don’t get bored, therefore, the audience doesn’t get bored and fall asleep. Although this is known to happen, which can only add to the comedy.”

Paul says while he was growing up he was inspired by the likes of American stand-ups including Bill Cosby, George Carlin and Richard Pryor, as well as Morecambe and Wise, Benny Hill, Blackadder and even Bernard Manning.

“I didn’t really look at them and think they’re not Indian; I just thought it was funny. There wasn’t Asian comedy when I was growing up. I believe comedy is colour blind. So when I was funny, it was just with my friends, I wasn’t doing Asian jokes, I was just being me.

“When I started school at the age of four, I discovered I was different to the other children. When the teacher asked a question in class and I replied, the other children would receive this with hysteria. That made me feel good, but made the teacher feel humiliated. Most of my lessons were spent outside of the classroom. At that point, I knew I had a gift I needed to take to the people no matter how many teachers tried to stop me.”

Jongleurs launch weekend is this Friday and Saturday. The line-up also includes Mandy Knight, Marty McLean and Mark Walker. Oceana, The Parade Watford at 7pm.

Details: 0845 293 2874,,

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