‘Desi Mobi’ is a new venture by entrepreneur and leading telecommunications pioneer Sacha Visram which looks to tap into the growing British Asian love affair with…you guessed it..the mobile phone.

How did you come up with the ‘desi mobi’ idea?

Whilst heading up Personalisation with one of the UK's main mobile networks. Realised there was a gap in the market to deliver a mobile proposition to the UK Asian market.

What response have you had since you launched Desi Mobi?

It’s been brilliant, consumers and retailers have been really interested in the service and love the flexibility of being able to call up to 38 countries from their price plan at the same rate.

What is the ‘Desi Lifestyle’ you talk about?

In the UK, British Asian's live a life of 'best of both worlds' where they take both influences of life, the British and Asian way and create a fusion that's right for us.

We love Eastenders and X Factor as much as Bhangra and Bollywood. At Desi Mobi, we understand and love both these worlds and work hard to deliver a mobile service that reflects that lifestyle.

What does Desi Mobi offer to British Asians which isn’t already on offer?

Flat rate calling to up to 38 countries for the same price as calling within the UK.

So whether you call around the corner or around the world, its the same cheap rate. So you can call London or Lahore for the same price.

That said our service is not exclusive to British Asians and because of our unique price plans we are already seeing the service has wide appeal.

Also content, through our Starlight portal we give you the customer the best of both worlds, whether that's through our exclusive deal with Desi Hits or general and full track music dowmloads from all the major record labels.

How are you hoping to attract Asian customers?

With a great service, great product and great price plans.

We are absolutely committed to first class customer services. From a marketing perspective, we are focusing a lot on social media and talking to our customers in a language they understand and relate to.

We have spent a lot of resources in both time and money making sure its just right.

We will then look to move onto other more traditional media planning.

This is a first in this country, to start a mobile network based on ones community, so we are sure it will be popular and have viral appeal.

Do you think British Asians who don’t make international calls would be enticed by Desi Mobi?

Absolutely, you can't get better than having a mobile service designed for you.

Also because we cover so many countries it makes a for a great deal given as British Asians how many friends family and business associates we have abroad. It’s unique.

What is Desi World all about?

Desi world is where we bring special deals and relationships together for our customers.

We are talking to a number of companies that's are really keen to partner with us, to give our customers experiences or deals you won't be able to get else where.

So that could be VIP entrance to very popular night clubs or money off vouchers with favourite restaurants. It’s about going that extra mile outside of the mobile service for our customers.

Why have you teamed up with Desi Hits?

They are the best at what they do, they reflect our approach of 'best of both worlds' and we share a common vision.

And finally…

What was your first mobile phone?

I am showing my age ...but it was an old Nokia that I bought when I started university.

If you could make a phone call to a famous person who would it be?

Mohammed Ali