The force is with film fans after the Star Wars music was named the most memorable movie melody of all time in a new poll.

The dramatic theme played over the opening credits of the science fiction classic picked up 16% of the votes in the poll, beating the James Bond theme into second place.

John Williams, who composed the Star Wars music, also had entries in the top 10 with the themes from Jaws and Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Other famous themes in the top 10 included music from Rocky and Chariots Of Fire.

The poll, carried out by streaming and dvd rental service Lovefilm to mark the release of the new James Bond film Skyfall, asked 2,509 film fans to name their favourite music.

Lovefilm editor Helen Cowley said: "This poll goes to show just how significant and well-loved movie music is. It is difficult to go through this list without humming at least a few bars of each of these top tunes."

The top 10 movie melodies: 1. Star Wars - 16% 2. James Bond - 10% 3. Jaws - 7% 4. Rocky - 6% 5. Chariots of Fire - 5.5% 6. Ghostbusters - 5% 7. Raiders of the Lost Ark - 4.5% 8. Superman - 4% 9. The Godfather - 3.5% 10. Platoon - 3%