The London Muslim Centre with Oxfam has hosted a United World event to tackle issues around poverty and social injustice.

A number of organisations large and small came together to discuss issues around poverty and social justice, both in the UK and globally.

The main aims were for a diverse range of community and mainstream organisations, faith groups, community and business leaders and consular/high commissions to come together to help strengthen their ongoing work to help alleviate poverty The forum also helped new partnerships to flourish and existing ones to strengthen.

Robin Knowles QC CBE, Chairman of Pro-Bono at the London Muslim Centre chaired the event with a panel which included Barbara Stocking (Oxfam Chief Executive), Dr Abdul Bari (Chairman of London Muslim Centre), Elisha London (UK Director, for the Global Poverty Project) and Sheikh Abdul Qayum (Chief Imam of the East London Mosque).

Organisations such as Richard House Children Hospice, Christian Aid, Asian Foundation for Philanthropy, One World Week, Refugee Council, Osmani Trust and and Advocates for International Development all took part.

"Poverty is such a big issue around the world, I really believe the only way we are going to crack it is if we act together.

"We have to find ways of working together, whether its through large communities or small groups of people pressing on particular issues. People can really get strength from each other.

"There are many here tonight who are doing fantastic work in their own areas and if we come together we can achieve so much more and gain more strength", said Oxfam Chief Executive Barbara Stocking.

"There are huge challenges around the scale of poverty, but the opportunity is that wherever you start every bit counts....organisations must work together and if everyone works together the sum is greater than the individual parts.

"I personally am going to encourage people to come back for another such occasion for good fruits to come", said Robin Knowles CBE QC, Chairman of Pro-Bono at the London Muslim Centre.