The family of a grandmother who was brutally murdered in Pakistan have called for police to bring her killers to justice.

Fukraz Begum, 75, was hit over the head with a heavy weapon when two people broke into the house in the town of Sarai Alamgir in the Gujrat region.

Ms Begum, who was in Pakistan for a family wedding and holiday, was alone when she was attacked.

She lived in Every Street, Nelson, for 60 years and had nine children and more than 20 grandchildren who live in or near to the town.

Police said she was killed in a ‘sustained and violent attack’.

Ms Begum had run an Asian clothes shop in Railway Street before she retired.

Her son, Nadeem Rafiq, who runs a business in Nelson town centre, said his mum’s death had ‘torn the family apart’.

He said the family had been given gruesome details about their mum’s death after her body was found in the kitchen by one of his cousins who lived nearby.

Local police said she was beaten to death by a heavy, blunt instrument.

“My mum was on the phone to my sister when she said she had to go because of a knock on the door.

“We hadn’t heard anything a few hours later so one of my cousins went to check. He climbed over the wall and noticed the doors were open so he went in and found her lying dead in the kitchen, which is when the alarm was raised.

“She was really beaten badly. Some of the details were horrific and it something that nobody should have to go through.

“This has hit my family really hard, it has broken us. We were so close to our mum and can’t believe that somebody would do this to her.

“Those who saw the room where she was murdered said they will never forget what they saw, it is a horrifying thought.

“We were a very close family and this has torn us apart. It has been a nightmare for everyone.”

She was killed on the afternoon of April 20, between 1pm and 3pm.

Mr Rafiq said the family now feared they would not get justice, because two months on there have still been no arrests.

The family now want the Foreign Office and British Embassy to support their fight for justice.

Mr Rafiq said: “My mum came to this country when she was 15, she has lived here virtually all her life and raised all her children here.

“All we want is justice and we want the British Embassy to help us to make sure we get justice.

“All we want is for the people who did this to be locked up, but we are almost sure it will not happen.

"We don’t want our mum’s killers to get away with it.”

A spokesman for the police in Sarai Alamgir yesterday said they had made no arrests so far, but said: “Several people have been under investigation but we have found no evidence against them, so the investigation is still going on.”

Mr Rafiq said that he believes two of those under suspicion were members of the extended family, who had approached Ms Begum for a loan just days before she died.

He said: “There was a lot of gold jewellery stolen from the house as well when she was murdered, which I’m sure will be sold on to make money.”

Ms Begum had been over in Pakistan for eight weeks before she was killed.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said neither they or any of their Embassies had been made aware of the incident so far.

By Tyrone Marshall.