Labour activist, community cohesion advocate and successful businessman Ibrahim Master has received backing from leading politicians in his bid to become Police Commissioner.

The election for Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner takes place in November.

But this week Labour members will make a decision as to whom they want to select as their candidate.

Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP said, “I have known Ibby for nearly thirty years. He has a long record of service to Blackburn and Lancashire communities of all kinds.

“He also has considerable policing experience and know-how to secure effective change without disruption. I am confident that he will be a big success as PCC. As a former Home Secretary I know that he will be able to command the respect of police officers and public alike.

“Ibby Master has extensive knowledge of policing, finance and performance issues and is very experienced in holding senior police officers to account on behalf of local communities.”

Having served as an Independent member of the Lancashire Police Authority (LPA) for the last thirteen years it’s a role Ibrahim is well-qualified for.

As Chair of the Human Resources Committee at the LPA he was responsible for holding the Chief Constable accountable for the Force’s performance.

- Baroness Ruth Henig CBE (President of the Association of Police Authorities and was formerly Chairperson of the Lancashire Police Authority and a member of the National Criminal Justice Board) said, “Ibrahim Master has a wide range of strategic skills which he has exercised to great effect at the LPA. His successful track record is perfect testimony of his suitability to deal with the immense challenges of 21st century policing. Given his experience and unstinting professionalism, I have no hesitation in supporting his bid for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner.

Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP added, “I have known Ibby in a professional capacity for the best part of fifteen years. In all this time I have known him to be an upstanding professional.”

Ibrahim said he was touched by the support he has received from all sections of the community. He said, “I think there is a huge advantage in choosing someone with my experience because I can hit the ground running from day one because of my experience.

“Furthermore having the full support of individuals such as the former Home Secretary, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee and the President of the Association of Police Authorities should re-assure Lancastrians that I have what it takes to secure their safety for many years to come.

“With last year’s riots law and order has rightly become a top priority for the public and I want all to feel safe in the knowledge that their PCC is a capable and dedicated individual”.