Halal meat will be back on the menu in Lancashire schools at the end of the month.

Lancashire County Council says it has found new suppliers of a range of Halal meat products for re-introduction in schools where religious diets are required.

The new range has been tested for quality by the county council's menu planning team, and all the appropriate food safety, traceability and Halal accreditations are in place.

Roger Eakhurst, Lancashire County Council's assistant director for catering, said: "We'd like to thank schools, pupils and families for their co-operation during the past month.

"We have offered a balanced diet to pupils throughout this period and the non-meat alternatives seem to ! have gone down very well with pupils.

"We are pleased to have sourced products which meet the food standards and Halal accreditation requirements, and schools will be making a smooth transition to these new products during the next fortnight."