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Name: Anthony Smith

Candidate for: Hastings & Rye

Party: UK Independence Party

Votes: 1,397


Why I want to be an MP: I want to restore democracy to British rule.
Our Government and the European Union disregarded the “no” referendums of the Dutch, French, Irish and North East region and the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives reneged on their promises to allow Britons to have a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty.
In 1975, our British electorate voted to continue with the European Trade agreement.
We have not been asked if we want to be a sub-state within a monster state called the EU that now makes more than 70% of Britain’s laws.
The EU has the right, under the European Arrest Warrant, to arrest British citizens on British soil and put them in foreign jails without a British judge viewing any evidence.
Britain is paying £45 million a day to belong to the EU, which has not had its accounts audited for 14 years.
The EU has more than 50 trade agreements with nations across the world and I want Britain to have a similar trade agreement.
Former prime minister Edward Heath, under the Conservatives, signed our British fishing waters away to the EU so that French boats can now catch seven times more fish than British fishermen in our own waters.
The Common Fisheries Policy of the EU means our fishermen often throw more dead fish back than are landed because of the quota system  

Marital status: Married, with two grown-up children
Address: Brownbread Stud, Ashburnham, Battle
Runs the Brownbread Horse Rescue Charity, previously headteacher of a school for brain-damaged children and head of science in both public and private schools.
Interests: Sailing, swimming, writing and gardening

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