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Name: Nicholas Prince

Candidate for: Hastings & Rye

Party: British National Party

Votes: 1,310


Why I want to be an MP: I am not a politician full of false promises – I am a normal person, who wants to fight for the rights of my area and country.
The other parties have let us down badly and I want to hold them accountable for their bad decisions.
I am from a Hastings family, I was educated in Hastings and I have lived in the constituency for almost 40 years.
Hastings and Rye is a beautiful part of the country and is steeped in history but it has been forgotten and is the poor relation of its rival resorts.
I will fight to improve the area, with decent road links and a petition to have more trains stopping at the rural stations.
I will, at all times, be your voice in Parliament.
I will be on hand so you can voice concerns at regular surgeries.
All decisions will be made with the people of Hastings and Rye.
My policies include petitioning to have decent roads to and from Hastings to ensure more visitors to the area, and encouraging large businesses to invest here, which will create jobs for residents.
To commemorate Hastings being the birth place of television, we will continue with our aim to open a national television museum, which will encourage holidaymakers from all across the world.
Despite condemnation from others, this is something we welcome.
We will continue to fight for the rights of our farmers and fishermen and, along with our MEPs, we will vote against any measures that are not in their interest.
Marital status: Engaged
Pembury, Kent, 1969
Emmanuel Road, Hastings
Telephone operator
Family, gardening, cooking, cinema

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