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Name: Michael Foster

Candidate for: Hastings & Rye

Party: Labour

Votes: 18,475


Why I want to be an MP: I am addicted to Hastings and Rye.
My wife and I were born in Hastings and have lived here all our lives.
Our two sons and their families also live here.
Being MP since 1997 has been a privilege.
As a solicitor and councillor, I knew the area could do better and since becoming MP we have proven that “together we can”.
I am a Christian Socialist and the passion I hold for equality, fairness and opportunity for all is born out of that and Labour values.
The goodness in so many who contribute to our society makes me optimistic but to fulfil our potential we need the tools and support only a Labour government can provide.
Locally, we have made a lot of progress in the past 13 years.
We have a new railway station, improved schools, a new University Centre and top-class healthcare.
Crime is down, those over 60 can now utilise their free bus passes across the country and the minimum wage and working tax credits have helped families.
However, it is a job only part completed.
There is still work to be done.
We need better transport links as well as investment in policing and the NHS.
So while celebrating our achievements, I won’t forget the continuing challenges we face.

Marital status: Married, with two grown-up children
Hastings, 1946
Address: Wishing Tree Road, St Leonards
MP for the past 13 years and, prior to that, practised as a solicitor and served on East Sussex County Council
Interests: Walking, tennis, table tennis

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