A new cupping clinic has opened in the Northwest.

The ancient practice of cupping, believed to be over thousands of years old Cupping was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who described it as the ‘best’ of all remedies, has seen a sudden rise in popularity over the last few years.

Dr Umm Sara of the ‘Cupping Clinic’ said: ‘Illness and disease are a complex combination of many factors including environmental stress, psychological issues and inherited factors.

“If left untreated, these factors may begin to manifest themselves as poor health, for example chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other diseases.‘ Cupping is based on the principle that disease is caused by congestion, stagnation and blockage of energy or of vital fluids like blood or lymph.

The suction applied by cupping disperses pathogenic heat, toxins and inflammation and assists the body to correct these imbalances.

Cupping is beneficial for both chronic and acute illnesses, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, fatigue, anaemia, low or high metabolism, poor memory, headaches, depression, infertility, hair loss, eczema, back pain and arthritis to name but a few. Mrs Bhatti from Preston was treated for fatigue and a bout of insomnia. She said: “I felt energized and slept well for two weeks after my detox.’ Miss Anderson suffered from constant headaches. After just one visit, the success was clear, “I didn’t expect to feel anything straight away but I did feel less tense and my headaches disappeared. I’d recommend it to others –definately”

Another popular treatment is for infertility problems. One woman who did not wish to be anmed said, “A hormonal imbalance for years corrected itself by one session of hijama/cupping. I would recommend it to others. I am amazed at my own experience.”

Dr. Umm Sara is a qualified medical doctor.

The Cupping Clinic is based on 86 Randal Street, Upper Floor, Whalley Range, Blackburn. Primarily, this is a womens only clinic. However due to demand, the clinic will be open to men on Sundays and the therapy will be carried out by a qualified male doctor.

For more information or enquiries please call 07561 313460.