Asda is preparing itself for an increase in demand of products sold at its halal certified counters in selected stores across the UK.

The meat is provided by Haji baba which has been supplying products to the store Asda since 2008.

The store says it boasts over 40 different kinds of cuts and pre-marinade meats.

Expanding on their range; Nisar Malik from Haji Baba said: “We offer around 40-45 different kinds of products – right from chicken breast, cubes, legs to lamb, burgers, sausages, marinated meats, beef, keema, steak.

"During Ramadan, especially the chicken breasts, cubes and strips are really popular. Along with that mince for kebabs is extremely popular as well.

"We have started serving mixed kebab mince – which is premixed with all the masalas, ready to grill or fry."