Law firm Asons Solicitors have opened applications with the aim of assisting two legal executives to become fully-fledged solicitors.

The contracts signal the start of their two year journey to becoming qualified as a practicing solicitor.

Seventeen of all the training contracts in the North West are provided by Asons.

The Law Society’s statistics for 2014-2015 showed that 5,457 training contracts were given, which was a 9.1 percent rise on the previous year.

Training contracts are a final requirement that a law graduate must undertake to become a qualified solicitor.

Asons’ successful previous legal executives have been granted training contracts after achieving KPI’s over a period of 18 - 24 months with the Bolton firm.

The contracts are also open to outside applicants, in addition to the hundreds of employees at Asons.

Asim Majid, manager of the holiday illness department at Asons, said, “Asons has always been dedicated to supporting its staff and its inspiring to know that individuals have reached a level in the firm where they now possess training contracts and can go on to become the next generation of lawyers.

“Gaining a training contract was one of my proudest achievements and it’s great to see Asons still providing hope to graduates out there looking to qualify as Solicitors.

"The innovative flare within the firm has helped us to stand out and appeal to personalities who are looking for something different within the legal field.”

Asim is one of four employees that have reached the end of their training contracts and qualified today, Wednesday March 1.

One other employee at Asons is still under the contract.

The firm’s current legal teams will next discover who among them will be awarded with a training contract later in March, with five applications in so far.

Interested parties can call 01204 521133 or email to enquire.