Having never heard of Citizen Khan or watched an episode I was intrigued to know what the fuss was about.

Yes, you might ask what on earth was I doing with my life. But maybe I had better things to do!

Immediately The name rung a bell? I had heard of the Bollywood movie 'My Name is Khan’. Was this some sort of a documentary about an extremist named Khan? My brain conjured up exciting images and scenes!

After making use of that thing called Google it became apparent that Citizen Khan was in fact a new TV comedy.

It seemed some found it offensive as it mocked religion whilst others couldn’t stop laughing. Jokes revolved around our love for cricket and Mr Khan being a cheapskate.

Although buying loads of toilet tissues – is something I do too!

However, it was Alia’s character which drew me in. Covered in a headscarf she looked very provocative - under the pretence of being a good girl.

Initially I got the impression Citizen Khan was going to be full of stereotypes.

Struck down with a terrible cold, feeling poorly I got into bed with plenty of tissues, Beechams and BBC iPlayer – with a date with Citizen Khan and family!

After watching a couple of episodes I couldn’t stop chuckling and was rolling around in my bed grinning, some parts were derogatory and mildly offensive but it surely kept me entertained and put a smile on my face.

Mr Khan’s moments of glory include stating the ‘Three little pigs” book which Dave wants to use for the mosque club just wouldn’t be suitable and lines such as “You have to support Pakistan its god’s country”.

Mr Khan eating chillies to show his chauvinistic beliefs was also a highlight.

I was glad I wasn’t watching this with the family, especially when “The birds and bees’ clip came on – it was slightly embarrassing!

The innocence of Amjad and his patchwork sweaters felt quite iconic especially with a competitive mum like Mrs Malik. No doubt we have all crossed a lady like Mrs Malik whether it be at a wedding or a funeral.

Whilst not at the same level, I must admit I found it highly amusing, just like other comedies such as Father Ted, Goodness Gracious Me, My Family, Vicar of Dibley and Little Britain.

It does mock religion but didn’t the Vicar of Dibley and Father Ted?

Would I be looking forward to the next series? Most definitely.