If there is one thing that many Asian men will agree upon is the fact that Asian women are hard work. An article by Tahir Ahmed.

This is not to say that Asian men don’t have their downfalls too. But we are now witnessing the downfall of the modern Asian man.

It has much to do with Asian women actually realising that they are cleverer than us.

In recent years the once proud Asian man has been forced to realise that he is no longer the person making the any sort of decision in his life.

If he is single he must adhere to particular expectations an Asian woman has of him. I would go as far to as to say the Asian man is judged more than the Asian woman. Where we once had cases of young Asian men being spoilt by their over obsessive mums we now have the complete opposite.

It is the daughters who are spoilt. Many are spoilt beyond belief. I say this because I have seen this with my own eyes.

The reason for this has much to do about choice. In years gone by the Asian woman had little choice in who she married. We are not talking about forced marriages here. She married within a very tight circle of people.

Now, it doesn’t matter so much. Competition means that she is in control of her own destiny so much more.

The young Asian man has to be of ‘better quality’ than what was placed before her mums and aunts. And her mums and aunts won’t let her forget this one advantage!

When he marries, reality hits home. The Asian man is a bystander in the lives of his immediate family and that of his extended family. I would say this generation is paying back for the mistakes of their forefathers.

We are those guys in those Asian dramas. Okay, we don’t live in mansions and have servants but an ‘Asian man’ is what you see in those dramas. He stands and watches like some smiling zombie as all the decisions are made around him.

Every so often he raises his voice only to be shouted down and put back in his place. We were once ruled by over-possessive mums and now have to contend with over-possessive wives.

In public we like to think we still have some sort of idea of what is going on.

The greatest trick the Asian woman has played upon us is the way we are made to look like the ones in control, especially in front of her own family.

But on the whole we are nothing more than ‘people in the lives of our family’. We are there to please a plethora of people many of whom are waiting for us to slip-up.

In middle age, the Asian man is as good as dead. He might as well put a sign around his neck stating ‘Bend me over and f*** m* up the a***, cause I ain’t got no fight left in me’.

Yes, the fair few decide to break rank but you know deep inside many of us will toe the line and give-in to what the woman wants. We are cowards at heart really.

Some men will read this and state they are the still battling their corner. These are the biggest cowards of the lot as they don't even know they are being used.

As he grows older he must face the fact that it is the wife and the females in the family who rule.

His friends (if he has any left) become his one solace. They huddle together to compare notes whenever they can.

Each moment passes with them flicking through their phones waiting for that message which orders them home again.

This passing of the Asian man has much to do with the expectations of Asian women. Asian men are finding it difficult to cope with this.

Their fathers had to put up with strong Asian women but when it came down to the finances and the major decisions it was their word or the high road.

Asian women now want Asian men who are…intelligent, clever, religious (but not too much!), good to look at, from a good family, cultured (but not a typical P***), well-dressed, good with children, earning some money, good with people, good with the housework…I’m sorry but this list could go on and on.

The worst thing is there are actually guys out there who have succumbed to these pressures.

They try their best to be good at all of these things. In the end it is not enough.

The Asian woman will soon throw some new spanner in the works to make sure the Asian man never raises his head out of his stinking little hole.

Asian women are not only hard work but they are intent on making our work hard.