A family was threatened at knife point and beaten with all of their Asian gold stolen, following a spate of targeted burglaries.

The married couple were looking after their three-year-old grandson when the men entered the house in Parklands Road, Furzedown.

The three black men started the attack at 10.30pm on August 17 and started hitting the couple in front of the grandson.

They demanded money and jewellery, with the woman losing all of her jewellery.

It is similar to a number of similar burglaries in the area where Asian gold jewellery has been stolen, which has recently soared in value and is of higher purity.

Police have been appealing for information and warning Asian communities living in Furzedown, Graveney and Tooting, after six known burglaries have taken place.

Thieves have been reported to be specifically searching houses for gold jewellery from between August 6 to 20.

In a press release warning residents about the robberies, Chief Inspector Dale Anderton said: "I am asking for all local people to work with the police in preventing burglary.

"I especially seek the help of Asian communities who continue to see their homes targeted for gold jewellery.

"My promise to them is that we will do all we can to prevent such burglaries and will relentlessly pursue those responsible.

"However, we can not do this alone and need every resident to make sure they are doing all they can to take personal responsibility for securing their gold jewellery."

Police patrols are being increased, while people are being asked to register their jewellery online and take photos of it.

Jewellery owners are also recommended to keep it in a safe at home or even in a bank, and to be cautious when wearing the jewellery in public.

Anyone who sees anything suspicious can call 101 or 999 if you witness a burglary taking place.

To register jewellery for free on the national property register visit immobilse.com