If you ask any young person most of them have at one time or another driven around in a car on Eid.

But why does everyone say this is so bad. As long as you are not speeding or doing anything bad why the problem?

What else would you have young people do on Eid? Are we to sit at home?

I can understand that you are going to get some trouble-makers but why is everyone tarnished with the same brush? There are some guys and girls who can’t handle their drink. It doesn’t mean we are all like that and go out boozing. We just want to go out for a night.

We can’t go to clubs and apart from the odd mela there is nothing for a young Asian to do in your normal year. So, when something like this happens we want to make the most of it.

We have been to Wilmslow Road, Bradford and Blackburn on Eid.

On the whole the police aren’t too bad. For them it is not as bad as a typical Saturday night in the Town centre.

I think because this is ‘a bunch of Asians’ everyone makes a big deal out if it.

Yeah, we know that Eid is not about driving around in circles. Will that stop us? I don’t think so. People want to go out and get away from their families.

What would people rather have us do? Congregate in town centres or park outside their homes?

Submitted by Suhail Aslam.