Almost 700 children from 19 schools visited Neeli Mosque's of Annual ‘Primary School Programme’.

The primary School programme started in 2008 and this year was the 5th year it had taken place.

Each School visit went through some basic fundamental beliefs of Islam in a fun and interactive way and also got a tour of the Mosque which highlights some of the key functions and features which take place within the building.

Ruhel Khan, Primary School Programme Coordinator said, “The Primary School Programme 2012 was a huge success, this was our fifth year and each time it has got bigger and better.

"The exceptional feedback from the schools gives us encouragement to provide more services for the local community”.

The programme took almost 3 months of planning and the demand for places is getting higher each year. The Mosque has promised in future it will work out a programme where even more Schools can participate.

Mosque Secretary Imran Ahmed said “A huge appreciation goes out to all the volunteers who gave up there time to help out with the programme.

"The mosque has a responsibility of educating the wider community on Islam and our School Programme is just one of the many initiatives we take.

"I would also like to thank all the School’s who took part at this year’s programme and from my observation and feedback I received all in all, it was an excellent programme with a lot of positives”.

A teacher from Beech House Primary School said “hadn’t visited a mosque previously so wasn’t sure what to expect, the visit actually exceeded all my expectations”.

Another teacher from Middleton Parish Said “the programme was very informative and well organised, a variety of short activities kept the children interested throughout”. Neeli Mosque is part of UKIM.

The UKIM is one of the oldest nation-wide Islamic organisations in the UK. UKIM has different stands of work which include Relief, education, running Mosques and Madrassa as well as community cohesion and interfaith activities.

UKIM is a registered charity organisation as well as one of the founding members of MCB a national umbrella body for Muslim organisations in Britain.