A takeaway worker accused of brutally murdering a pizza chef with a meat cleaver saw two men with blood on their hands leaving the dead man’s house after a scuffle, a jury heard.

Mohammed Naeem says he was abducted, tortured and made to lure Amjad Hussain from his home with a phone call before he was killed.

Naeem, 33, of Westfield Terrace, Undercliffe, Bradford, denies murdering Mr Hussain in the living room of his house in Rylstone Gardens, Undercliffe, Bradford, on January 12.

He is alleged to have almost beheaded him with a meat cleaver before setting fire to his home and turning on the gas to try to conceal the evidence.

The Crown says Mr Hussain, 32, the father of a nine-year-old son, wanted back £1,000 he had loaned to Naeem and planned to tell Naeem’s wife and father-in-law about the debt.

In a statement read to Bradford Crown Court yesterday, Naeem said he was not guilty of Mr Hussain’s murder and not a party to the assault that killed him.

He did borrow £1,000 from Mr Hussain, but had paid back all but £100.

Naeem claims he was bundled into a car on Bolton Road, Bradford, by four men and tortured, abused and assaulted. He was driven to Mr Hussain’s house and instructed to phone him to get him out of the property.

When Mr Hussain came out, there was a scuffle that moved inside the house. Two men came out with blood on their hands.

Naeem says he did not tell the police about this at first because he was threatened with violence and feared for himself and his family.

Mr Hussain, who worked at the Four Seasons takeaway in Burley-in-Wharfedale and was married to a primary school teacher, was found in his smoke-filled living room by firefighters.

He had been struck repeated blows with a large meat cleaver, severing his neck bone.

Mr Hussain, who was dressed in pyjama bottoms, vest and hooded top had been asleep after working his customary late shift.

Prosecution barrister, Julian Goose QC, alleges that he knew his killer and let him into the house.

Mr Goose has told the jury Mr Hussain became increasingly upset about the loan and Naeem did not want the dishonour of his family being involved in the dispute.

The trial continues.