The Inter Madrassah Organisation has organised a family fun day at Camelot Theme park for the second year.

This trip will take place on Saturday 19 May people who have registered will be leaving in the morning from Inter Madrassah’s Youth Club on Chester Street, Blackburn.

Gulam Jinah a volunteer for Inter Madrassah who leads on this trip said "The response has been tremendous; I thought we might just about fill one double decker but soon as the word spread my phone just did not stop ringing.

"I said no we are full but families said please take us so instead of one we ended up booking many double decker buses".

This family day has attracted young and old from the community and Inter Madrassah hopes to continue this for the years to come.

A family of 48 people said, "We thank Inter Madrassah for organising activities and we specially thank them for organising this trip as it gives families the opportunity to travel together and pay a reduce rate for the park entry, keep up the good work".

Inter Madrassah's Director Moulana Tayyab Sidat said, "In the hard times we are all going through a trip to Camelot goes a long way, I hope with the support of our volunteers we will continue to plan this trip and many more for the years to come."

"In the end I would like to thank all those who have worked hard behind this trip and hope people will once again enjoy the day".