Bradford has been named in the worst ten areas of the country for motorists being allowed to drive despite racking up 12 penalty points or more on their licences.

Figures obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have placed the city in seventh place in the league of shame. In response West Yorkshire-based road safety charity Brake called on the Government to “get tough” with drivers who have been caught repeatedly breaking the law.

The new statistics have revealed 9,000 drivers across the country are still driving despite having 12 points or more. In Bradford, where there are 165,560 drivers, that figure stands at 72.

Brake spokesman Richard Coteau said: “It is disgraceful these individuals, who rack up offence after offence, are allowed to continue driving.

“Drivers who repeatedly flout traffic laws have shown complete disregard for the lives of other road users.

“They have had ample opportunity to desist breaking the law before reaching 12 points and facing disqualification.

“It’s time for the Government to get tough with these selfish, irresponsible and potentially deadly drivers.”

Blackpool, Oldham and Manchester have the highest proportion of drivers with 12 points or more, according to the figures obtained from the DVLA by the Co-operative Motor Group using the Freedom of Information Act.

Drivers who build up 12 points or more within a three-year period are liable to be disqualified from driving under the “totting-up” system.

However, courts can use their discretion as to whether a driver is banned.

A DVLA spokesman said: “The courts are able to use their discretion to decide whether or not to disqualify a driver. However, the statistics are likely to include cases where drivers have served their period of disqualification and successfully reapplied for their driving licences.”

Co-operative group managing director Tony Guest said: “It is concerning that motorists with so many points on their licence can legally be allowed to continue to drive.”