Twelve people have pleaded guilty to public order offences following disorder linked to an EDL protest in Lancashire last summer.

The convictions come on the second day of a trial at Preston Crown Court.

It comes after a 'flash' demonstration from the English Defence League in Colne Road, Brierfield, in July last year, which followed an incident outside Euro MP Sajjad Karim's Simonstone home.

Supt Steve Pemberton said: “I am pleased with these convictions and I hope it sends a message to others that disorder on Lancashire’s streets will not be tolerated.

"This was a spontaneous incident on a busy Saturday afternoon which could have been much more serious than it fortunately was had it not been for the speedy police response and that of local community leaders who were able to quell any subsequent rise in tensions.

“The Constabulary respects the right to peaceful protest but where people resort to disorder, as in this case, we will deal firmly with them.

“We have been working closely with community leaders since this incident to keep them informed about the progress of the investigation, which is ongoing. We will continue to work to ensure that members of the public feel safe and that any incidents which result in criminality will be thoroughly investigated and people brought to justice.”