Parents of Bradford pupils targeted by a gang of thieves and robbers have revealed their fears for their children.

Police are investigating ten incidents within weeks in which mobile phones were stolen in robberies or thefts.

Parents also say youngsters have had their bikes stolen during the crimewave in the Swain House and Bolton areas of Bradford.

Bradley Broadhead, 14, was robbed of his mobile phone earlier this week after leaving Hanson School, where he is a pupil.

He was waiting with his younger brother Jake, 12, and two friends for his mother Lisa to pick them up, near the entrance to Goals in King’s Road, Swain House, when two older Asian teenagers accosted them.

Mrs Broadhead said: “The Asian lads set about Bradley and one of his friends, punching, kicking and demanding their phones until Bradley handed his over and they ran off with it.

“Bradley didn’t have any hospital treatment but he had bruises to his cheek and under his eye, a cut to his forehead, two bust lips, a lump to the back of his head, and he was shaken up.

“I am very concerned this is going on. It’s very worrying. I would like to know our children are safe. All parents need to be aware of what is going on.”

Another mother, whose daughter’s boyfriend was robbed of his bicycle, said: “Kids have had phones and bikes stolen. They have been punched in the face and one had a knife pulled on them. They are all aged between 12 and 16. They need to be more careful until these people have been caught.”

Police have released an e-fit of a suspect after the mugging of a 17-year-old youth at the junction of Moorhouse Avenue and Idle Road, at 12.30pm on March 13. Two Asian suspects threatened and attacked the youth and ran off with his mobile phone, leaving him shocked.

Police have also released details of an incident in Leylands Lane, at 4.30pm on Monday, when a 12-year-old boy was grabbed by two Asian men. He gave them his mobile phone and they fled, leaving him shocked.

Inspector Dave Roberts said: “Officers are investigating all the crimes together for possible links. We are seeking to meet with parents to discuss the situation.”

A police community support officer has spoken to pupils and staff in Hanson School and extra patrols are being made in the area.