People are being asked to take part in a regional survey which will help plan NHS services.

NHS East Lancashire is carrying out a survey of the health and lifestyle of local people.

Over the next couple of weeks, 17,000 randomly selected East Lancashire adults will receive a questionnaire through the post. The selection was made via GP registered patient lists.

The survey asks questions on health, lifestyle and feelings about local communities.

All the information provided will be treated in strictest confidence and no person identifiable information will be retained from the survey.

The information collected will be invaluable in helping to plan health services based on the needs of local patients. To get an accurate picture, it is important that as many people as possible who receive a questionnaire complete and return it (this is free). It is important to do this even if people are in good health.

Dr Sohail Bhatti, Interim Director of Public Health, says ‘The results of the survey will be used to help with making decisions about services to improve the health of local people. We want to understand more about the health of local residents and the issues which affect peoples’ health.’ Dr Bhatti adds: ‘We do appreciate people taking the brief time it takes to fill in the questionnaire. This will make sure that we get the best possible view of the health of local people and shape health services based on this information’.

If anyone who receives a questionnaire in the mail requires assistance in completing it, they are asked to telephone the research team at 0808 1443536 or email