Ethnic minorites are still voting for Labour more than any other party research has revealed.

But they are less likely to register to vote and the most pressing issue for many people is that of unemployment.

The findings are part of the biggest comprehensive study into the voting habits of ethnic minorities ever undertaken in Britain.

The 2010 Ethnic Minority British Election Survey (EMBES) was directed by Professor Anthony Heath, Professor of Sociology at the University of Oxford.

The workshop is sponsored by Bradford-based QED-UK who work and campaign towards breaking down the barriers faced by immigrant communities.

Only 16% of ethnic minorities voted for the Conservative party at the last election compared to 37% of the white people.

In contrast 68% of ethnic minorities voted Labour compared to 31% of the wider population.

There was also evidence to suggest the great majority support Britsh democracy.

And it is those of a Black Caribbean heritage who feel British political system has not treated them fairly. Therefore it is Black Caribbeans, not Muslims who feel most alienated, in the UK.

Dr Mohammed Ali, CEO of QED-UK, said: “We’re proud to be sponsoring this crucial piece of research from the Economic & Social Research Council.

"This kind of insight helps us understand the real concerns and divisions ethnic minorities face. It helps us focus our attention on those groups who may be showing signs of alienation or disaffection.”

Professor Anthony Heath has researched social inequality for most of his 40-year academic career, focussing on class, ethnic and gender inequalities in education, the labour market and in terms of social mobility and political integration.

He said: “Crucially, my research and work is very much about engaging with policy-makers to make a real difference when it comes to promoting equality.

"Political engagement is of course one of the most powerful ways for any citizen to forge change in society or make a difference and this study has given a powerful insight into how well our political system works for ethnic minorities.”