Former Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg took to social media yesterday to reveal he had been asked to appear as a contestant on reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

Moazzam was chosen by the casting team for his “interesting” perspective, because he is considered to be “passionate” and has a “fascinating” life. Posting on Twitter, Moazzam said,

Moazzam shared a more detailed post on Facebook including the message that was sent to him from Celebrity Big Brother. Social media users were quick to respond to the request.

One Facebook user said, "I really admire your ability to stay cool while considering such an offer and to come up with such an apt reply. After all that you have been through it really does show that you are a very remarkable person and that it is your strength of personality to get through it all and overcome it that shines through to define you as a person, rather than what you've been through." 

Another person responded to the Facebook post writing, "absurd they actually thought you would consider this. muppets "

One person said, LOL .... "a absolutely befitting and well deserved reply ..the equivalent of a subliminal REALITY SLAP IN the FACE....”

Aspirational indeed.