AMIR Khan had a trip to the beach during the latest episode of I'm A Celebrity — but not to relax.

The Bolton boxer was part of the team that was partially buried alive as part of the Displeasure Beach challenge.

He was joined by camp mates Stanley, Jamie, Dennis and Vanessa in the walk to the beach and was greeted by the familiar towels, buckets and beach huts.

But each celebrity had to choose a towel to lie on before they were buried from the neck down with sand while their head was surrounded by a clear perspex case.

After the klaxon sounded, critters began to fill the casing.

The lifeguard raised different coloured flags and everyone had to count each time he showed the colour that matched their towel.

Throughout the challenge, more critters and fish guts were dropped on the contestants.

Amir, Jamie, Vanessa and Dennis all guessed correctly the number of times their flag was raised.

Stanley was going to say nine stars but Dennis said it was seven as he’d also counted Stanley’s flags.

Stanley chose to go with his own figure but got it wrong so didn’t win. The team went back to camp with four out of five stars.