I have been introduced to men for the purpose of marriage for the last 20 years. By Sadia Saeed At the age of 40 I have reached the disillusioned conclusion that Asian men are never satisfied.

The whole arranged marriage prototype has messed things up and they think they are entitled to demand what they deem to be the perfect woman.

One marriage prospect said I was perfect expect for the curve in my lower abdomen.

Another guy said I looked great but I could do with botox in my forehead.

One man turned me down because he said I was darker than him.

There was one man whose family became quite closely associated with mine. I guess when he got comfortable enough, the true colours came out.

According to him my chin and cheeks needed waxing- bleaching wasn't good enough. And my skin was too fair so he asked me to get a spray tan. Oh, and another prerequisite- I had to get blue contact lenses.

The same guy bought me an epilator for my birthday.

Needless to say, none of the aforementioned men embodied Adonis traits.

It isn't an entirely woe be to me story.

I have a friend of the same age who never gets further than sending raunchy selfies to men on Asian marriage websites. None of them, however, are ever available to meet.

It's tough being 40 and single.

As if the emotional blackmail from parents wasn't bad enough. My mother’s constant illness is blamed on my being single which has apparently caused her undue stress.

I was even told by a local imam that I am a selfish Muslim because I have not completed half my deen by purposely staying single.

I feel I am beleaguered by judgement. Yet the single Asian man can uphold his stoic ideals.

The old method of arranged marriages was bad enough, but at least there was a moral logic to family demands.

But Asian men today are simply way too fussy.