A DOCTOR who served the Manningham community for more than four decades has died suddenly.

Dr Munir Khan, 81, who founded Heaton Road’s Picton Medical Centre, had retired from the centre three years ago.

Practice manager Anne-Marie Mitchell said: “He was fundamental to the foundation of primary care in Manningham from the 1960s onwards.

“He worked tirelessly for over 40 years as the senior doctor at Picton providing family doctor care to up to four generations of the same families.

“He supported and nurtured all his practice team to follow in his footsteps and his ethos around patient-centred care and encouraged us all to be the best that we could be, both individually and as a team.

He was the kindest, most respected doctor we could have ever had lead us and will be deeply and sadly missed by his former staff and patients for many years to come.”