Mohamed Parker is Principal Lecturer and International Lead for the School of Business and School of Management.
After managing his business for many years, Mohamed returned to his studies at UCLan.  He is now employed by the University and is a Principal Lecturer and International Lead for the School.

Column By Mohamed Parker

I achieved a 1st Class degree in BA (Hons) in Accounting and Business in 2007 and a Master’s in Education in 2016 at UCLan.

After 15 years of managing my own business, I returned to my studies at UCLan.

However, I did not expect that I would still be here 15 years later!

The support and guidance I received during my years as a student was excellent - I became very comfortable with the environment and this gave me the confidence to pursue a career in academia. 

Given that I was a mature student, I had to undertake some foundation programmes to join an undergraduate degree. In 2002 and 2003, I enrolled onto two UCLan access courses – Introduction to Higher Education and Foundation Studies. I successfully passed both access courses and then progressed onto BA (Hons) Accounting and Business. 

After completing my degree in 2007, I applied for a role as Associate Lecturer and joined UCLan as a staff member in 2008. Shortly after joining, I was promoted to Lecturer and in 2014, I progressed to Senior Lecturer within the Accounting Division.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching as it provided me with the perfect opportunity to share my working experience with my students. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I supported the Division and School in a number of international initiatives.

In 2012, I was seconded to UCLan Cyprus to lead staff development and oversee academic quality matters.

In 2014, I also then became the International Lead for the Lancashire Business School, managing international recruitment, collaboration and partnership activities. I have also delivered guest lectures in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and a number of cities in India. 

My biggest challenge during my time at UCLan was coping with a different educational environment and striking the right balance between studying and supporting a young family. 

To this extent, I am grateful for having a supportive wife and family who gave me the space to pursue my studies.

Some of my memorable moments at UCLan include being awarded the Ede and Ravenscraft award for Academic Excellence and achieving a first class in my undergraduate degree in 2004. 

UCLan was the impetus that allowed me to inspire my wife and children to pursue their studies at UCLan. My wife completed her degree in Criminology and Law and my eldest daughter completed her BSc in Astrophysics - soon to complete her Masters and then to start her PhD in September 2017. 

My second daughter is currently on placement and will be returning in September to complete her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance.

My third daughter is also currently doing her first year in Law and Criminology. I further hope that UCLan will be the choice for my youngest daughter in 5 years’ time! Indeed UCLan has been and will continue to be part of our family’s success.

My advice to anyone thinking of studying at UCLan is that UCLan has been a perfect vehicle for my success and I cannot see why it cannot be a vehicle for your success. 

UCLan has produced excellent graduates and many have secured high positions in some of the most internationally recognised companies.