YouTuber Waqas Shah wanted to show how Pakistani's would react to a Sikh man being verbally abused in the street. The results he says may go some way in dispelling some the myths about the country.

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Waqas who has produced a number of social experiments wanted to know how Pakistanis would react when seeing a person from another religion being abused.

In the video a Sikh man is asked to leave the country, "This is a Muslim country..what are you doing here?'

Bystanders were quick to come to the man's rescue with one even slapping the abuser for speaking to the Sikh man in this way.

One man says the Sikh man has the full right to be in Pakistan as he is 'our brother'.

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Waqas writes, This is the true side of Pakistan that is not shown in the Media.

"Pakistanis welcome everyone and Islam teaches us to tolerate and respect one another beliefs. Hope you guys enjoyed the social experiment and make sure to subscribe. Spread nothing but LOVE"