Uwais Ahmed’s Fahad XI hit top spot in the Official Premier League Fantasy Football league this weekend

His team has been helped with the fantastic form of Chelsea’s Costa and Everton’s Lakaku of late.

His team sits a point ahead of second placed Hebknut in a list that includes over 4.4 million players!

Arsenal fan Uwais from Blackburn said, "It is quite an achievement and I have been playing the game since 2008! 

"In the past the highest I have ever finished is around the 5,500 mark so to hit top spot was brilliant."

Uwais's team is named after his son Fahad.

"I have always been interested in football, planning and strategy and it makes the weekend football fixtures a little more interesting to be honest."

"I enjoy the game like many players and it was great to be sitting top of the pile this weekend."

"Given the level of competition and how long there is left to the season it more realistic to target a top 40 finish."

Uwais added that he had kept his back four more or less the same throughout the season.

"Alonso and Coleman have done well for me and some of the more underrated players have done good too."

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Uwais manages the Under 8s for the Abu Hanifah Football Club in Blackburn who commended him this week.