It has been hottest summer since 2006 but how are Muslims coping with the heat?.

Ramadan is now over a week old but things don’t seem to have got any easier.

Shabana, 27, a teacher says she struggled to get through the first two days, “It was really difficult at first. The first two days my friends found it really hard and I couldn’t concentrate at all in the afternoon!

“The weekend was worst than during the weekday. At least during the weekday you can work and stay occupied.

“The heat hasn’t made things easier at all.”

Tahir is 32 and works in a garage, “It has been pretty tough but I am used to it now. We have a good boss who lets us come in a little later.

“I actually like the warm weather. I hated fasting when it was cold. I do feel thirsty at around five O’clock and I must admit the last few hours can test anyone but you just get on with it.

“In the end it makes you a better and more patient person. I know some people who have completely changed during Ramadan in a good way.

“I guess the hot weather is a problem but I’m sure there are bigger things to worry about.”

Student Anisa, 15 is dreading the holidays. “We finish school later this week and I am not looking forward to it.

“I had got used to a routine so now we have to start all over again!

“At Iftari time I drink so much water. I drank so much on the first day I nearly got sick!

“I think the period after 7pm until the fast opens is the worst.”

Shabana added, “I think watching other people drink ice-cold water is the worse feeling. But I think most Muslims will agree all of that pales into insignificance to the feeling of having completed a fast.”

Umar, 27 says it is important not to waste your time during the holy month. “I think there is more time in the evenings to pray and maybe read up on Islam.

“I am always busy and this Ramadan I have found a little more time to myself and it is refreshing.

“I particularly like the evening prayers and the community spirit. The night time temperatures have been really warm too and I like that period.

“In terms of the hot weather it is little too much at times.

“The worst thing I have found is the driving. I hate having to get into a hot car!

“When you are fasting it makes the whole journey even more difficult.”

Tahir said, “I am just hoping that the hot weather continues right through August. Knowing my luck it will probably rain in August now!”

Raeem, 53 is a taxi-driver and has been for 30 years. “The weather has been quite difficult to contend with.

“I don’t think it would be that but we simply are not used to the hot weather.

“I find time to read some Quran between pick-ups and it keeps me going.

“I just say to anyone who is struggling…there are many people who have to go through this and have no food at the end of the day. At least we have something to look forward too.”