Talented street dancer Ash (Falk Hentschel) seizes his one shot at glory during a high-profile competition but falls flat on his face in front of a booing crowd and reigning champions Invincible.

Dusting himself off, he meets wise-cracking Eddie (George Sampson), who suggests they join forces to create a crew from around the world with the potential to dethrone Invincible.

So the young men criss-cross Europe, seeking out the most imaginative, daring and supple performers to fill the ranks of their ramshackle squad.

Arriving in sun-dappled Paris, they meet bar owner Manu (Tom Conti) and his sexy niece Eva (Sofia Boutella).

But first, Ash must learn to dance as part of a crew rather than by himself, which can only be accomplished through music video-style montages and some intense one-on-one sessions with Eva.