Two Bradford men who starred in a controversial Channel 4 documentary could be joining forces with a former Apprentice candidate to get the message into schools about the importance of diversity.

Rashid Mahmood Khan and Damon Scully were two of eight local people who starred in Make Bradford British, a social experiment which posed the question of what it means to be British. More than 100 people across the city were asked to answer questions similar to those used in the UK Citizenship test for the series before eight of them were chosen to live together Big Brother-style.

Rashid and Damon enjoyed the experience so much they have launched their own Facebook page and may be getting some charity cash from Bradford East Liberal Democrat MP David Ward, in his role as a director of the Bantams Community Programme.

That cash will help pay for projects including getting 100 youngsters from different communities to attend workshops and learn how to promote diversity and closer links in predominantly white or Asian areas in Bradford.

The duo’s press officer, Khalil Ahmed, said: “They are getting involved in everything positive about Bradford. They want to take the positivity they got from the programme into schools and I am sorting out a meeting with Claire Young, from The Apprentice, to get them trained in delivering talks in schools.

“The guys are also opening Heaton Park in June. We are looking to make it a full-time job for both of them in promoting equality and diversity.”

School Speakers, set up by Miss Young, connects schools with the UK’s inspiring motivational and informative speakers.

Miss Young said: “I would like to see them on the books as diversity is a huge issue in schools.”

Rashid said: “It is all absolutely brilliant and something I have always wanted to do. We will be good role models. I am not saying we are perfect but we have had a lot of positive feedback about what we did in the series.”