Dear Massi, Some time ago, my girlfriend ended our relationship.

It all started when she read messages posted by my friends on my phone in a group conversation. The messages they sent talked about incidents involving dating other girls which I have no knowledge.

Me and my friends always send silly messages to each other on this group and so this was apparently no different, only she had my phone.

I have known my friends for many years and feel that they are to blame for posting those messages however they are adamant that they are not at fault, stating that she should trust me as my girlfriend and not believe those messages are true.

I have had no contact from her since and have been unable to get through to her myself. More importantly my friends refuse to apologise or take the blame.

What I would like you to help clarify. Is who is to blame? My girlfriend is a regular reader of Asian Image and will no doubt see this email if it is published.

Massi Says, I can understand how this might have upset you.

We can’t control what other people up on the internet. It is very bad of your friends to put you in this position and I would think they wouldn’t like it if the same thing happened to them.

Unless, she realises she may have overreacted a little I am not sure exactly what you can do? I would suggest you leave her to contemplate.

If you continue to contact her it will only make things a little more strenuous. If she comes back and realises that this was not your fault then things may work out. If not, then maybe she was not the person for you and was looking for a way out of the relationship.

Anyway you don’t exactly explain what was written in those messages?