Dear Massi, I’ve known this guy for just over two weeks, in this time I’ve fallen in love with him.

I know it seems such little time but he is a really caring understanding and loving person.

I told him that times come where I have to get married, he has said that he needs a little time as he isn’t ready yet I said I can wait but not too long.

He has promised me that he will sort things out and make things work out for us.

However he was out with his mates we hadn’t spoken all day, every night we talk and even if he is tired he will still stay awake and talk to me.

However the night he was out with his mates he came home and went straight to bed I called him but he didn’t answer, he then rang me later on he spoke to me for few seconds and said I’ll speak to you tomorrow.

He has never done this and for some reason makes me feel like he doesn’t want to be with me anymore and that he has someone else.

I’ve asked him if that’s what he wants but he just says I’m really sorry and I love you and I’m not that sort of guy that talks to other girls.

I don’t know what to believe I want to believe him but there’s something that’s stopping me. I don’t know how serious he is taking this but it really hurts.

Massi Says, I know that you think you’re in love but two weeks is a really short time in which to be so certain of your feelings for someone.

You’re still at the stage in your relationship where you are getting to know one another.

I know that all your feelings will be really passionate as they are in any new relationship and there is always so much uncertainty as you want things to work out.

People are not mind readers and if he thinks things are going well then you need to let him know how you feel and make him understand that you are feeling anxious and vulnerable.

You also need to be a little less intense and don’t read too much into something as innocent as him forgetting to speak to you on a night. He may have been tired and genuinely forgotten.

In any relationship trust is a major thing and if you don’t tell him how you feel then he won’t be able to give you any reassurances.

Speak with him about it and chances are that he will be able to alleviate some of your anxieties. Good Luck.