Dear Massi, My wife found out I was seeing someone else after she went through my phone.

Now, she doesn’t trust me at all and things at home have become unbearable. I have stopped seeing this other person. It was a big mistake and I regret doing it now but she has not forgiven me.

I didn’t have a relationship with this other person, we only exchanged some intimate texts.

My teenage daughter was going through my phone and she found the texts so I have the whole family against me. My wife though thinks there was something more. How do I get her to forgive me?

Massi Says, When you break someone’s trust it takes a while for them to look at you the same way.

Yes, you did something wrong but I wouldn’t blame her or your daughter for going through your phone.

It is good you regret what you have done but you should have known this might well be the result.

Thankfully, you did not have a relationship but I think only through some time and effort will your family begin to treat you differently. It may take a while!

I doubt things will be completely the same again though