Dear Massi, There is a girl who came into my life through work.

At first we use to act like friends and we use to get on really well, have fun times laughs and as time went on I began to develop feelings for her but didn’t have the strength to tell her until I found out she began to talk about me to her sister in law and she told me and from there I began to open up to her.

She would make me smile all the time.

She would act like a spoilt little child. As time went on we began speaking more and more on the phone and there were times I would end up falling asleep and she would not cut off until i woke up the following morning.

The way she would and still does look at me still floats in my head. She is always there for me through good times and bad but she has been promised to a family friend abroad.

At the time she agreed but now has developed feelings for me.

I have asked her if I should approach a member of her family and tell them as I don’t really want to be playing the hide and seek game.

She is understanding, caring, kind and warm hearted. There have been times where we have had snow ball fights and had a laugh the way she stands and looks at me.

The way she talks to me I just love her to bits but don’t know how to approach her family.

Her brother won’t take kindly to it as he has that a typical Asian mentality and he won’t approve I am in such a dilemma and don’t know what to do. I don’t want her to leave my life.

This is to the girl in question I LOVE YOU GIGGLES.

Massi Says, If you love this girl then don’t just give her up without a fight as you will spend the rest of your life regretting your decision to stand to one side and just let her marry someone just because she has been ‘promised’ as though she were some chattel to be passed onto a worthy suitor.

You have said some lovely things about her and your relationship and you need to ask yourself whether you are willing to give this up.

Speak with her before you take any action though as this needs to be a joint decision. Find someone who will be able to act as a go between and take some affirmative action as ultimately there will be a few broken hearts and how often do we meet our soul mate in this life?.

Are you willing to wait for the next love of your life to come along or do you want to do something about it now; the choice is yours. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.