Dear Massi,  I am 17 years-old and I have a really sleazy uncle.

He's kind of a family friend to be honest and he is always visiting our house to visit my dad.

Every time he sees me, he rubs my back when I say salam but it's so obvious he is checking to see if I'm wearing a bra.

He also has a habit of ushering me closer to him and pretends he didn't hear the question. He never does it to my brother or any males but only to the women.

Sometimes he makes comments like if I'm wearing nail polish I must be off my namaz.

Once he said that he hopes that heaven looks like me so he has something to look forward to when he dies. He's so pervy.  

I can't really tell my dad as it's a bit awkward. Shall I tell my mum? Or his wife?

Massi says, No-one has the right to make you feel this uncomfortable by passing salacious remarks and innuendos.

Greeting this man politely out of courtesy is one thing, but try and avoid any further conversation at all.

If you feel it is too awkward to tell this man directly that his comments are not welcome, speak to your mother about this issue.

It is important that you do as he may also be behaving like this with other people.

She may be able to deter this man from saying anything further to you.

But staying silent is not something you should do as he may well think that he is able to get away with such disgusting behaviour.