Dear Massi, There's a girl who I like at work. I've seen her walk past me a few times. I eventually had the courage to approach her and talk to her briefly. 

I was a bit nervous but wasn't that successful in pursuing her at that time.

Since then I saw her during lunch time and wanted to talk to her. 

She's always been on the phone to someone.

I'm under the assumption she is talking to a guy. What girl talks to another girl for that long?

I bumped into her unexpectedly again and spoke to her again and asked for her number which she gave to me.

My thing is, I want to get to know this girl with a view to marriage.

I did text her. It's early days yet but I have not heard anything so I'm not sure whether to pursue this or not. 

I am also wondering when it's the best time to call , or is it even worth calling at this stage or just wait until the next time I  see her. 

For all I know she could have given me a false number.

Massi Says, You are in an ambiguous situation- you are unsure whether this woman knows of your interest and you an unclear if she is in a relationship with another man.

Although you have sent one text message to her, try and approach her without getting nervous.

Ask her directly if she would be interested in getting to know you.

If the prospect of having this conversation is too daunting, then call her after work.

Only a direct conversation will clear up any apprehension.

You may well be nervous but she may just as nervous as you.

If it does not work out then at least you have your answer and you can move on.

I would also not bring up the issue about marriage so early in a friendship unless you know exactly how she feels about this. You could end up scaring her away!