Dear Massi,  My husband has some really bad hygiene habits. It really bothers me. 

He never trims his arm pit or pubic hair.

He never ever does ghusl (full body washing ablution) after we are intimate. He doesn't pray anyway so wudu (ablution) is out of the question.

He does shower every day, but it goes against my religious beliefs that he doesn't do ghusl.

I have tried talking to him about, but he just says it's not my problem. 

I asked a religious person about this and they said everything he touches is napaak (unclean) if he doesn't do ghusl.

How do I deal with this without becoming obsessive over his shower routine?

Shall I ring his mum up to tell him to do it?

Massi says, Whilst this issue is of paramount importance to you, you cannot impose this on your husband.

You say you have explained your perspective to him.

As difficult as it may be, let your husband shower without scrutiny.

He cannot be forced to cleanse himself in a certain manner. His shower regime does not compromise him as a person.

Instead of focusing on this one singular issue, look at the positive attributes of your husband.

There is no need to call your mother-in-law in personal issues that directly affect you and your husband. This will only exacerbate things.