Dear Massi, I got married this year and I have always had issues with my in-laws. 

Things boiled over recently when I got into a fight with my father-in-law at his house.

The argument was just over food. 

He didn’t like what she had cooked and also made a comment saying I wasn’t taking care of her properly. He then squared up to me so I head-butted him.

Her family broke the fight up and now he wants me apologise to him!

I’m not doing that but my wife is being funny about it. 

She says I was in the wrong but it was him who squared up to me.  Why should I say sorry? 
Massi says: As angry and indignant as you feel about this situation, there is never an excuse to use physical violence to solve a problem.

To resolve this situation and make peace, taking a conciliatory tone is a good idea.

However, as you have alluded to not having a good relationship with your in-laws, it would be wise to avoid meeting your in-laws more than necessary and perhaps refrain from engaging in any heated conversations.

In future, if you feel tension building when in the presence of your in-laws, take a back step and remove yourself from the situation.

It seems a part of you obviously regrets what you did.