Dear Massi,  I met a girl through an introduction for the prospect of marriage. Things went well for several months.

We got our nikah done but have not had a full wedding as yet. We are looking to do this in the new year.

Soon after we got our nikah done she started to send me ‘dirty pictures’ to my phone.

I told her it is haram but she says she likes to send pictures of herself via WhatsApp. She also goes to public toilets and takes pictures of herself.

I try to be ‘manly’ about it and respond but I am not into these kind of things. I am thinking now maybe she did this before too?

Now that you can do video calls on WhatsApp she wants me do things over the phone.

She says it is okay to send pictures of this nature as we have had our nikah done.
Is it haram to send naked selfies?

Massi says, Although the new stage of your relationship will take some getting used to, it appears your new wife is simply enjoying her relationship with you.

Sending intimate pictures to each other is not unusual. This does not imply your wife was in any way promiscuous before meeting you.

It is up to you to decide whether sending naked selfies is permissible.

However, you are both married now, and exploring facets to your intimate relationship with your wife is something that can be very fruitful for you both.