Dear Massi, When my husband gets angry he throws his dinner on the wall.

It has happened so many times now and I am so scared cooking for him now. 

I live with my in-laws and his mum blames me and says I must have cooked it wrong.

I try my best and even ask him what he likes the best but it doesn’t matter.

If he is in a bad mood he will throw the curry on the wall and his mum goes and cleans it up. I get so upset.

In front of everyone else he pretends to be really religious but at home he is so spoilt.

We have two young children and they have seen him do this. I fear for them.

What can I do?

Massi says, There is no excuse for an adult to throw a tantrum of this nature.

It is clear that your husband behaving in a petulant manner to get his own way is the norm in his own environment. 

It is important to talk to your husband when you are alone and when there are no other distractions. 

Tell him that this kind of behaviour is unhealthy for the children to witness as they will consider this to be a legitimate way to behave when things do not go their way. 

Furthermore, explain to your husband that if he is unhappy, he has the ability to speak and convey his thoughts using words. 

No issues can ever be resolved by throwing food.

And if he indeed wishes to behave like this he should cook the food himself or get his mum to cook it!