Dear Massi, My mates all have an issue with me being a 'moderate' Muslim.

I admit I like to wind them up sometimes by purposely asking them difficult questions.

But people are now getting personal.

I went to a religious talk and at the end when a non Muslim asked a question, I clapped. 

I only clapped as I wanted to show the non Muslim some support.

I was asked to stop clapping as it is 'haram' and because I didn't stop, they threatened to throw me out.

Now since then I have been removed from all the WhatsApp groups I'm on with these guys, religious ones and even football ones.

It's so petty that they have taken it so personally.

They have ostracised me for clapping.

Massi says, Whilst you may not agree with other people's opinions, you appear to have manifested this in rather disrespectful terms.

You yourself admit that you 'like to wind them up sometimes.'

If you want to prove a valid point or express some sort of injustice, there are better ways to do it than by making fun of the other person.

Many people may agree with you that being asked to leave a talk for clapping is unfair and unethical.

However, if you want your peers to listen to you and respect your opinions, you need to reciprocate these actions.