Dear Massi, My wife has very bad body odour.

I have been married for nearly twenty years and I have put up with many things but my wife does not take her hygiene seriously anymore.

In the morning she just throws a jubbah on her pyjamas and goes to drop the children off. She then wears the same clothes all day long.

I have told her she needs to make some sort of effort but she says she is cooking and cleaning so what’s the point.

My children have noticed it too. I have tried to be polite but it does not work.
Then in the evenings she wants to come near me but she smells.

She tries to disguise the body odour with perfume which only makes it worse.
The whole thing has put me off.

Once I vomited in bed because the smell was so bad. Even then she didn’t change.
I like her but in recent years the smell has been a huge put-off.

She just won’t listen to me.

Massi says, This is a delicate issue and must be addressed with tact and sensitivity. 

There may be hormonal reasons for your wife's body odour rather than it being a lack of hygiene. 

You say your wife cooks and cleans all day. Naturally that kind of effort would induce sweat as well as encourage food smells to linger.

Why not talk to your wife about this tactfully when she is not busy or stressed.

Explain that there is a smell even though it's not something she's doing consciously. 
Suggest you take a shower together before you go to bed.

When you talk to your wife about this, be sure to let her know you appreciate all her efforts at home so it does not sound like you are being ungrateful or unnecessarily critical.