Dear Massi, I am finding my daughter-in-law's behaviour to be very awkward.

She got married very late, at the age of 35.

I always believe girls should get married young, in their 20s, otherwise they become sexually frustrated.

I can see this in my daughter-in-law. 

It is very embarrassing for me when I see her touching my son in places that she shouldn't touch outside the bedroom.

I walked into the bathroom one day and saw her taking a picture of herself on her mobile phone wearing only shorts and her brassier.

I was embarrassed but she just laughed.

Every day before dinner she calls him to the bedroom before coming downstairs to eat. Sometimes me and my husband are waiting 45 minutes for them to come downstairs so we can eat together.

I want my son and his wife to live with us, but I think I should tell her some rules.


Massi Says, If your son and his wife are living in your home, then to a degree, they should respect your rules and your routine.

However, what you have described are not signs that your daughter-in-law is being rude or antagonistic towards you.

Your son and his wife are newlyweds and are being intimate with each other which is only natural.

It is understandable that you find this behaviour awkward and embarrassing.

However, rather than focusing your attention on it, try and be a little more understanding.

If it bothers you that your son and his wife are otherwise engaged when it is dinner time, why not go ahead and eat dinner with your husband. 

Your son and his wife can eat dinner later together.

Small compromises like this will avoid creating an unnecessary issue which could adversely affect your relationship with your son.